Lulu Bell Parr Cuffs

In 2011, the Museum was gifted close to 100 historical items, including these custom cuffs, belonging to the audacious Parr, one of the most entertaining and flamboyant of the early Wild West Show cowgirls, by Cayuse Western Americana from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Recognized as the forerunner to modern-day western fashion and design, with a flare for the extravagant, Lulu Bell Parr captured the admiration of audiences around the globe with her spectacular garb she often designed and created.

Much of the collection includes leather jackets, vests and belts that display intricate beading reflective of the Sioux culture that surrounded Parr during her time as a performer, along with her #66 Miles City Saddlery Co. Coggshall saddle. More than 35 vintage photographs are also included giving Museum visitors a glimpse into the life of this extraordinary woman.

Cuffs, circa 1900 - 1920
Worn by Lulu Bell Parr
Leather, glass sea beads

Lulu Bell Parr's cuffs are located in the 1st floor "Hitting the Mark: Cowgirls and Wild West Shows Gallery" Exhibition

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