Annie Oakley Letter and Envelope 1926

Letter Transcription

June 25, 1926
AO Butler
3321 Salem Ave
Dayton, Ohio

Dear Willi[e? or iam?]

I am all in and I want to have you see the conditions here. I think Frank surely is loosing [sic] his mind
It is either that or he is trying to torture me to death. Come at once. I will pay your Expenses one way & leave you the rest when I go. I have been told that my time was very short. I was given up in Jan but pulled up some after. God bless little Billie and you.

Love to both.


Ps. I left letter here for you. Take the Dayton railway for at 4th & Main to Salem Ave. and X [?] to end of line then about 3 blocks further to grocery & Barber shop on left hand side

We are over the front apt 2. Mrs. Pattersons.

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Letter and Envelope, June 25, 1926
Letter written by annie Oakley to her brother-in-law William Butler

Annie Oakley's Letter and Envelope is located in the 1st floor "Hitting the Mark: Cowgirls and Wild West Shows Gallery" Exhibition

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